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WCAU Mixcast 007: Georg Stuby [Funky Fungi, Berlin]

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georg stuby [funky fungi, berlin]  - What comes after universe no.7

We are very happy to announce the Mixcast No.7 of the what comes after universe series! This time we invited the producer & dj Georg Stuby.

Georg Stuby is a Berlin-based Techno artist with a dubby and minimalistic twist. Beside his various activities as a producer of electronic music and as an internationally booked DJ (among others "Club der Visionäre" in Berlin, Buring Man Festival in the USA, Rodnya in Moskow, Breakfast Club in Melbourne), he is a coach for electronic music production, as well. Since 2017, Georg is publishing music of producer friends and music of himself on his Vinyl-Label "Funky Fungi".

Referring to his productions he is focused on hand-made electronic music and prefers to analogue equipment and computer-free live performances. Here he benefits of his apprenticeship as a sound engineer and the fact of mastering several classical musical instruments.

For him it is essential to get deeper and deeper into the world of frequencies, harmonies and rhythms and giving his listeners the same access to the amazing resulting sound.

Georg Stuby answered us also a five question interview. To conclude, we hope you enjoy reading and listening to his vinyl mix. Turn up, enjoy and feel free to comment.

To conclude, we hope you enjoying reading to the interview and listening to their vinyl mix.

What is music for you? Where shell I start, where shell I end? Music is my best friend, my biggest motivation, It's the oil in the wheelwork of my world, it's a portal to different cultures, times and galaxies.

What was your first favorite Album? Green Day - American Idiot

Tell us how a city shaped your musical consciousness. I would like to tell you how even two cities shaped my musical consciousness.

This two cities are Berlin and Zurich.

First of all Berlins Panorama Bar with its dirty house music and Berghain with its functional Techno. Than CDV & Hoppetosse with their groovy Minimal and sometimes experimental sound. In this venues I had so many inspiring moments on the dancefloors. Beside these clubs I also love Berlin for its classical concerts andJazz Jams.

With Zurich I connect cosy and very intimate venues. First of all I have to think about the club „Cabaret“ with it`s super warm vibes, punchy and deep sound system and its sophisticated light-concept. Or Revier with a similar vibe. I would say that Berlin shaped my musical consciousness and Zurich my consciousness how nice a familiar vibe is in a club.

What would an evolution of electronic music look like? At the moment the focus of my productions is the dance floor. In my world what can happen on the dance floor is depended on the club`s or festival`s priming and setting. Priming could be the values the venue stands for, setting the sound system, room, location, energy … This will attract a specific kind of people and at the very end the dance floor is living by the people dancing on it and the vibe between them and the DJ. So I think that the evolution of the electronic dancefloor-music is connected to the evolution of the clubs and the people. Therefore I think we need more places where magic can happen. Concerning the vibes on the dance floors I would love to see more love, more awareness how to treat the people next to you, less drug abuse, less prejudices, more authenticity, more openness to experimental sounds. And more amazing sound systems of course.

What comes after universe? Esrevinu