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WCAU Mixcast 001: Meemo [Recordeep, Paris]


Meemo [Recordeep, Paris]  - What comes after universe no.1

L’appétit vient en mangeant. We are very happy to announce the Mixcast No. 1 of the what comes after universe series! We invited an enthusiast of house music - Meemo, a parisian DJ from the Dansons Paris crew.  His latest release came from Recordeep Hors Serie 02 (Vinyl only)

To conclude, we hope you enjoying reading to the interview and listening to his vinyl mix.

What is music for you? Music is language for me. It's a common tongue for everyone that couldn't even meet in a different place than a dancefloor. For artists it's also a way to express feelings that words can't tell.

What was your first favourite Album? One of my favourite albums is one my dad listened a lot when I was a child : division bell from Pink Floyd. He listened to it while working in the evening and I could hear it from my bed just before spleeping. Strong atmosphere and a great opening.

Tell us how a city shaped your musical consciousness. Depending on mood and time of a day, music is a great soundtrack for a city journey. Especially while travelling by train or subway, I always keep in mind if my tracks would be good to fit this idea.

What would an evolution of electronic music look like? At some point, electronic music is more than ever accessible even for producers that are not proper musicians in the first place (myself included). Now, a track can be done in a daytime and played at night without trouble. In a near future we might sample and create tracks with our smartphones without locking ourself in studios. Music would be spontaneous more than ever.

What comes after universe? Everything starts after universe.