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WCAU Mixcast 008: ISH [Partisan, Berlin]

ISH - What comes after universe No.8.jpg

ISH [PARTISAN, berlin]  - What comes after universe no.8

Accompany in the autumn we are glad to announce the mixcast No.8 of the what comes after universe series! This time we invited the Berlin-based producer & dj ISH aka Ismael Zouaoui from Baden, Switzerland.

His excellent mixcast for What comes after universe was recorded during the Partisan-event at Club der Visionäre in June 2017.

ISH answered us also a five question interview. Last but not least, we hope you enjoying to read the interview and listening to his vinyl mix. Turn up, enjoy and feel free to comment.

What is music for you? Music is my life-elixir wich is giving me energy, peace, pleasure and much more

What was your first favourite Album? I think as far as i can remember was it The Slim Shady LP as a young kid

Tell us how a city shaped your musical consciousness. I wouldn’t say that a city shaped my musical consciousness its more the people i meet in my life.

What would an evolution of electronic music look like? I think the evolution is already happening with music produced by artificial intelligence. 

What comes after universe? Either it's infinit or there is an infinit amount of universes so in this case the next universe.