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WCAU Mixcast 005: Kurilian [Kumora, Zurich]


KURILIAN [KUMORA, Zurich]  - What comes after universe no.5

We are very happy to announce the Mixcast No.5 of the what comes after universe series! We invited Florian Mettler aka Kurilian from Zurich. He played his first vinyl back in 2007 and so he did for us 10 years later a brilliant only vinyl mix. Today he’s playing on a regular base at many different clubs around Zürich, sharing his love for music with his audience and is owner from the label Kumora.

To conclude, we hope you enjoying reading to the interview and listening to his vinyl mix.

What is music for you? It's an elixir of life. It connects people in a way that no other language could.

What was your first favorite Album? Enter the wu-tang 36 chambers

Tell us how a city shaped your musical consciousness. Well, in my case, zurich my hometown has numerous scenes with great artists to learn from, unique venues to visit and magnificent clubbing sceneries with beautiful people. It definitely shaped my musical consciousness.

What would an evolution of electronic music look like? Today's technology offers artists and producers from all over the world more opportunities to express themselves. Electronic music will never reach an end i guess. A Neverending dream.

What comes after universe? To be honest i don't know yet but i hope our cosmos is without disharmony. Make love and music.