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WCAU Mixcast 006: Dubphone & TAP [Bucharest]


Dubphone & TAP [Bucharest, Romania]  - What comes after universe no.6

We are very happy to announce the Mixcast No.6 of the what comes after universe series! This time we have three guys from Romania - Dubphone & TAP.

Dubphone, originally from Bucharest but living in Valencia. He recently signed with Get Physical Music, is collaborating with several labels as Akbal Music, Time Has Changed, Bad Barbie, Serkal, Sleep is Commercial, Sound of Vast and he also runs his own imprint Vandalism Musique Group.

TAP it’s composed from Tino and Adrian Patrascu. Djs, producers and two of Bucharest’s party organizers, TAP are not strangers to the Romanian clubbing scene. They discovered their passion for music in the late 2000s. Their passion for electronic music evolved to tech house, deep house, micro house and techno, to which they remained faithful. Since 2013, they create Blue Balloon Romania, an party concept, where they are the resident dj’s.

To conclude, we hope you enjoying reading to the interview and listening to their vinyl mix.

Five question interview with Dubphone

What is music for you? Everything, peace love and a way of living.

What was your first favorite Album? Sven vath the sound of the 16 season brought me to another state of mind and then i started digging. arpiar 001 and so, i love also barac first releases in  his first project with dubtil aka noi doi was also such an inspiring release. then i don't know are a lot of albums that i love pantha du prince, extrawelt. etc ... and also romanian hip hop inflouenced me a lot. my mother used to bring me tapes with romanian hip hop.

Tell us how a city shaped your musical consciousness. I guess berlin was then bucharest and as well Ibiza.

What would an evolution of electronic music look like? Analog music in a digital world. of course.

What comes after universe? Universe is infinite, what we are talking about? :)) 

Five question interview with TAP (Tino & Adrian Patrascu)

What is music for you? Poetry in motion

What was your first favorite Album? Plastickman -Music/Orbital /The orb / Underworld / Future sound of london ....

Tell us how a city shaped your musical consciousness. 1996 ,first electronic club was open in Bucharest,Studio Martin,the only place where you can feel and touch the new wave of electronic sound .We were a small circle of friends sharing the same love for that new sound after the comunism fall ( now we are old and cool )

What would an evolution of electronic music look like? Back to analogic

What comes after universe? TAP