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WCAU Mixcast 012: Thomas Wood [Idealistmusic, Zürich]

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Thomas Wood [Idealistmusic, Zürich]  - What comes after universe no.12

We are very happy to announce the Mixcast No.12 of the what comes after universe series! This time we invited the talented music producer and DJ Thomas Wood from Zürich. He is also owner of his own record label TW Limited. Deep-raw-soul-share-save-love-you-we-everybody.

His mixcast is a very unique deep raw house rhapsody. To the mixset there are again the five notorious questions. Last but not least, we hope you enjoying to read the interview and listening to his mix. Turn up, enjoy and feel free to comment.

What is music for you? Music for me is a gift. It connects people in a simple way and touch people deep in their hearts. It calms down your soul! 

Which was your first favourite Album? It's DC Talk - Supernatural. I think it was a gift of my parents and still love it to listen it from the beginning to the end.

Tell us how a city shaped your musical consciousness. It wasn’t just the city which shaped my sound. I would say what influenced me most were record labels, the various people I met as I was digging for records in the „Number one record store“ and of course my earlier years in the Club „Zukunft“.

What would an evolution of electronic music look like? Hmm.. this is a difficult question. Some times, I wish I could transform melodies, sounds and beats which I have in my mind into physical waves forms. But I don't break my head with this topic as long as I have fun doing music. I just enjoying it. 

What comes after universe? As a believer of God, I think there will be a new world and a new heaven. What a promise!