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WCAU Mixcast 014: Raffo [Synchroniser, Uruguay]


Raffo [Synchroniser, Montevideo - Uruguay]  - What comes after universe no.14

With the most beautiful month in autumn we bring our next WCAU Mixcast No.14 - an only vinyl mix from Raffo. He grew up in Montevideo in Uruguay and made a meaningful name for himself there as a DJ in the underground scene.

He's been living in Barcelona for a few months now. His entire record collection and the mixers followed soon and were then ready to record the mix for the what comes after universe serie.

I've known Nico Raffo for several years, we've never met, but over the years a constant musical exchange and friendship has developed. That's why I'm all the more looking forward to his great mix.

Last but not least, we hope you enjoying to read the interview and listening to his mix. Turn up, enjoy and feel free to comment.

What is music for you? Music is one of the most phenomenal things that exist in the world. Live with us at all times and places. It doesn’t distinguish race or beliefs is able to change and change in our moods and move to places and times. Music makes us happy.

Which was your first favourite Album? It was 9 years ago - I played with cd-players and met „Mica", a local dj who sold me some records of his collection (8 or 10 records I don’t remember) in this purchase was a Perlon that until today I keep, since it was a before and later in my life as a collector.

Tell us how a city shaped your musical consciousness. The most forged influences for me are Detroit, Chicago and Europe. I followed in the networks and platforms everything that happened here, but the biggest influence was Uruguay, a country where I was born and I was formed. Montevideo is a very small city with a smaller scene event, at that time the club was "Key" or the parties that we organized ourselves in different places. my bedside DJ’s are DJ’s Koolt, Lutz and Omar.

What would an evolution of electronic music look like? Today this question is difficult to answer accurately as the scene and technology is mutating quickly and It would seem that everything was already invented. We have to wait for time to pass and see how we are surprised.

What comes after universe? It is a great question!!! So as not to bore you, I believe that after the universe another mission arrives in another life or plane.