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WCAU Mixcast 015: Captain Planet [Makrokosmos, Aarau]


Captain Planet [Makrokosmos, Zürich]  - What comes after universe no.15

The last WCAU Mixcast No.15. in the year 2018 comes from Captain Planet aka Jordan Yahowha from Aarau in Switzerland. In 2019 he will start his own record label. We are curious. His statement: Assimilating and sharing sounds of the universe since 1977.

We hope you enjoying to read the interview and listening to his mix. Turn up, enjoy and feel free to comment.

What is music for you? Aesthetics for our ears.

Which was your first favourite Album? "The Stooges - Fun House"
This album is simply brilliant. I‘ve been listening to “Dirt”, which is my favourite track on the album, for years.

Tell us how a city shaped your musical consciousness. I actually have to mention two: Detroit, where I had the honour of being Terrence Dixon‘s guest. And Zurich of course, the city where I spend most of my time, even if there’s a big confetti club crisis. Besides the Club/Party context there are quite a few Zurich based Artists who inspire me & have certainly influenced my work as a DJ and producer.

What would an evolution of electronic music look like? First of all the general idea that electronic music is only dance and club music - would completely disappear....

As a second step electronic music would become just „music“ without the necessity to classify it depending on the instruments or genres. This approach already exists and those who want to be a part of it should try new combinations and break boundaries.

What comes after universe? There are an infinite number of parallel universes and like with every system that has a certain complexity, there must be a higher conciousness guiding it. An awareness that encompasses all the universes and everything therein - some may call this God.