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WCAU Mixcast 016: Jamie Shar [Basel]

Jamie Shar - What comes after universe No.16

Jamie Shar [Basel]  - What comes after universe no.16

From Basel to Zurich, Jamie Shar is an old known and one of our favorites behind the turntables. We are happy that he mixed us for the what comes after universe the episode No. 16. Around the world - 1997

We hope you enjoy the interview and listen to his dose of hazy world music mix. Turn up, enjoy and feel free to comment. Stay tuned for more news to follow.


What is music for you? Salvation. Among other things.

Which was your first favourite Album? Peter und der Wolf - Sergej Prokofjew

Tell us how a city shaped your musical consciousness. Spending a year in Chicago led me to getting in touch with the rich history of dance music and club/rave culture. Also i would say the relaxed, yet open and inspiring ways my hometown of basel has definitely shaped my (musical) consciousness.

What would an evolution of electronic music look like? I don’t know about a true evolution. But a stable, positive, sustainable, open and inclusive culture/economy around it without exploitation would let us help find out.

What comes after universe? Nirvana