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WCAU Mixcast 017: Emmanuel K [Deep Square Records, Berlin]


Emmanuel K [Deep Square Records, Berlin]  - What comes after universe No.17

Paris born and based in Berlin - Emmanuel K climbed up step by step in the club scene to become a sure shot when it comes to groovy, sexy minimalistic house & techno.

Whether in Club der Visionäre, Hoppetosse, Katerblau or Wilde Renate, in Germany or across Europe, what you can expect is a great record selection with dynamic mixing skills. For what comes after universe he mixed us the episode No. 17 - Around the world - 1997

We hope you enjoying to read the interview and listening to his dose of hazy world music mix. Turn up, enjoy and feel free to comment. Stay tuned for more news to follow.


What is music for you? An escape from reality - an escape into reality.

Which was your first favourite Album? There are two actually : Dr.Dre, The Chronic 2001 and Daft Punk, Homework.

Tell us how a city shaped your musical consciousness. Berlin. Because... Berlin!

What would an evolution of electronic music look like? Always more tracks, producers & dj's - old and new ideas applied to new technologies.

What comes after universe? Universe part II - I hope.